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Intel Corporation


84-PLCC (29.31x29.31)

EPF8636ALI84-4 ECAD Model

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EPF8636ALI84-4 Attributes

Type Description Select
Pbfree Code No
Rohs Code No
Part Life Cycle Code Transferred
Supply Voltage-Nom 5 V
Number of Inputs 68
Number of Outputs 64
Number of Logic Cells 504
Number of Dedicated Inputs 4
Number of I/O Lines 64
Programmable Logic Type LOADABLE PLD
Temperature Grade INDUSTRIAL
Package Shape SQUARE
Technology CMOS
Organization 4 DEDICATED INPUTS, 64 I/O
Output Function REGISTERED
Power Supplies 3.3/5,5 V
Supply Voltage-Max 5.5 V
Supply Voltage-Min 4.5 V
JESD-30 Code S-PQCC-J84
Qualification Status Not Qualified
JESD-609 Code e0
Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
Operating Temperature-Max 85 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -40 °C
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) 220
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) 20
Number of Terminals 84
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code QCCJ
Package Equivalence Code LDCC84,1.2SQ
Package Shape SQUARE
Package Style CHIP CARRIER
Surface Mount YES
Terminal Finish TIN LEAD
Terminal Form J BEND
Terminal Pitch 1.27 mm
Terminal Position QUAD
Width 29.3116 mm
Length 29.3116 mm
Seated Height-Max 5.08 mm
Ihs Manufacturer ALTERA CORP
Part Package Code LCC
Package Description PLASTIC, LCC-84
Pin Count 84
Reach Compliance Code unknown
HTS Code 8542.39.00.01
Samacsys Manufacturer Intel

EPF8636ALI84-4 Overview

The EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model is a powerful, versatile processor that is suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-performance digital signal processing, embedded processing, and image processing. It is designed to be programmed using HDL (Hardware Description Language) and offers a number of advantages over other processors, including a higher clock speed, increased memory capacity, and improved power efficiency.

The EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model is well-suited for applications that require a high degree of precision and performance. It is capable of handling complex instructions and tasks quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for applications such as image processing, video encoding, and audio processing. Additionally, it is also suitable for tasks such as embedded systems, robotics, and other types of automation.

The EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model is designed to meet the specific requirements of its intended applications. It is equipped with a number of features, including an on-chip memory controller, a high-speed data bus, and a flexible instruction set. Additionally, it also offers a range of peripheral interfaces, including USB, UART, SPI, and I2C.

In terms of design, the EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model is highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their specific needs. This includes the ability to adjust the clock speed, memory capacity, and power efficiency. Additionally, it also offers a range of debugging and programming tools, making it easier to develop and test applications.

The EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model has already been used in a variety of applications, including robotics, embedded systems, and image processing. It has been proven to be an effective, reliable processor that is capable of delivering the performance and precision required by these applications.

In the future, demand for the EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model is expected to grow, as more applications require the high performance and precision that it provides. This growth is likely to be driven by the increasing demand for embedded systems, robotics, automation, and image processing. As such, developers will need to ensure that they are familiar with the features and capabilities of the EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model in order to effectively utilize it in their applications.

When designing applications using the EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model, developers should take into account the specific requirements of their application and the capabilities of the chip. Additionally, they should also be aware of any potential issues that may arise, such as power consumption and heat dissipation. By taking these considerations into account, developers can ensure that their applications are optimized for the EPF8636ALI84-4 chip model and can maximize its performance.

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