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The most comprehensive Xilinx XC2C128 introduction in 2023

he Jun,27 2023 Xilinx

Xilinx XC2C128 is a classic programmable logic device, which plays an important role in the field of digital circuit design and application. FMall will give you a detailed introduction to the features, applications, performance, and advantages of XC2C128, as well as its contribution to digital design, hoping to help you understand Xilinx XC2C128.

XC2C128 is a high-performance programmable logic device launched by Xilinx. It adopts CMOS technology and has 128 logic cells and 256 look-up tables to realize complex logic functions. XC2C128 also integrates large-capacity on-chip memory and rich input/output resources, providing designers with more flexibility and choices.

Xilinx XC2C128 has multiple models, such as XC2C128-7CP132C, XC2C128-7CP132I, XC2C128-6TQ144C, XC2C128-7CPGG132C, XC2C128-7CPGG132I, XC2C128-7TQ144C, XC2C128-7T Q144I, XC2C128-6TQG144C, XC2C128-6CPG132C, XC2C128-7TQG144C, XC2C128- 7CPG132C, XC2C128-7VQ100C, XC2C128-7TQG144I, XC2C128-6VQ100C, XC2C128-7VQ100I. Click on the model to view the details and Datasheet of each model. The price of Xilinx XC2C128 will vary due to market supply and demand and sales channels, please contact FMall for the latest price information.

Xilinx XC2C128

Xilinx XC2C128 has a wide range of applications in many fields. In the field of communication, XC2C128 can be used for tasks such as protocol conversion, data processing, and modulation and demodulation, making communication between different protocols more flexible and efficient. In industrial control systems, XC2C128 can be used to implement logic control and signal processing to meet complex industrial control requirements. In addition, XC2C128 can also be applied in the fields of image processing, audio processing, video processing, and digital signal processing, providing powerful support and acceleration for these applications.

The Xilinx XC2C128 has several advantages and features that make it ideal for digital circuit design. First, the XC2C128 is flexible and reconfigurable. Designers can program and configure XC2C128 according to requirements to realize various complex logic functions. This reconfigurability makes prototyping, debugging, and optimization faster and easier.

Secondly, XC2C128 has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption. Adopting advanced CMOS technology, XC2C128 can handle high-speed signals and complex computing tasks, meeting application scenarios with strict requirements on performance and power consumption. This makes the XC2C128 ideal for high-performance systems and embedded applications.


XC2C128 also has abundant on-chip resources, including large-capacity on-chip memory and rich I/O resources. On-chip memory can be used for data storage and intermediate result processing, improving system performance and response speed. Abundant I/O resources enable XC2C128 to exchange data and communicate with external devices to achieve more powerful functions and interfaces.

For designers, XC2C128 also has ease of use and reliability, providing designers with a good development environment and stable performance. Xilinx provides a series of powerful development tools and software ecosystems for XC2C128, including design kits, programming tools, and simulation environments, making it easy for designers to get started and develop. These tools provide an intuitive interface and rich functionality, accelerating the design process and lowering the barriers to entry for development.
In addition, XC2C128 has been rigorously tested and verified, with excellent reliability and stability. Xilinx employs advanced processes and quality control measures during device manufacturing and design to ensure device quality and reliability. XC2C128 can run stably in various working environments and meet the requirements of different application scenarios.

Xilinx XC2C128 plays an important role in digital circuit design. Its flexibility, high performance, and abundant resources enable designers to implement complex logic functions to meet diverse application requirements. The reconfigurability and ease of use of the XC2C128 make prototyping, debugging, and optimization more efficient. At the same time, the reliability and stability of XC2C128 ensure the reliable operation of the system.

To sum up, Xilinx XC2C128, as a classic programmable logic device, has an important position and wide application in digital circuit design. Its features, applications, performance, and advantages enable designers to implement complex logic functions, improve system performance, and meet the needs of different fields. The excellent performance of XC2C128 and the strong support provided by Xilinx make it one of the first-selected devices in the field of digital design. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of application requirements, XC2C128 will continue to play an important role in promoting the innovation and development of digital circuit design.