About Intel

Intel is a world-leading semiconductor company, and its products cover CPU, chipset, network processor, memory, solid-state hard disk, wireless communication, and other fields.

Intel FPGA chip product line includes the Stratix series, Arria series, Cyclone series, MAX series, and other series, among which Stratix series is the most powerful high-end FPGA, suitable for high-performance computing, encryption and decryption, video processing, and other fields;

Arria series It is the choice of balance between comprehensive performance and power consumption, suitable for high-speed networks, embedded computing, digital signal processing, and other fields;

Cyclone series is aimed at the low-end market, with high-cost performance, suitable for communication, video, image processing, etc. field;

MAX series is an FPGA product line for the low-end market, suitable for controllers, interface logic, and other fields.