About AMD Xilinx

Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of programmable logic devices, providing high-performance FPGA, SoC, and ACAP solutions for a wide range of applications. Each of its series of chips has a high degree of programmability, flexibility, and performance, and can be used in data centers, communications, industry, automobiles, and other fields. Among them, the Virtex series chips are the first choice in the field of high-performance computing and signal processing, the XA series chips have the characteristics of high bandwidth and low power consumption, the XC series chips are suitable for low-cost applications, and the Zynq series chips provide FPGA and ARM processors. Tightly integrated, it is suitable for use in fields such as embedded systems and edge computing. Xilinx chips also provide a wealth of development tools and software support, which is convenient for users to develop and optimize.

Product Series